Life Notes on the Bible
How are these Bible Study notes different from others you might read on other websites or in other commentaries? 

First, they are different in that they present to you the best of Biblical scholarship in the language of every day people.  Too often people have to choose between books which are so technical in nature that only scholars can read them or those which are understandable but are based on shoddy scholarship.  These notes take the best of Biblical scholarship over the past 100 years and put them in everyday language.

Second, these notes blend not only OT and NT studies but also theology and philosophy.  Until several hundred years ago, there were no such thing as NT majors or OT majors.  There were only Bible majors.  In addition those trained in Biblical studies were also experts in theology and philosophy.  They rightly understood that you could not do one without doing the other 2.  As a result, whereas we may look at a certain verse in the Bible, we are always looking at it in the larger context of theology and philosophy.

Third, these notes are practical.  Too often people get obsessed with the academic approach to Biblical studies.  If Bible study does not touch the life, then it is illegitimate.  Jesus did not say, "I came that you might be smarter."  He said, "I came that they might have life and might have it abundantly."  May this be the end result of these Bible study notes.  For this reason we call this website "Life Notes on the Bible."
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